Conserving your Digital Camera’s Batteries while Bushwalking.

How do I save my camera batteries when in the bush? Can I charge my batteries when on a hike? Which camera settings can I change to conserve battery power?

Panasonic Charger and Li-ion Battery

Some hints are obvious

  • carry more than one set of batteries
  • choose higher power batteries eg lithium ion instead of alkaline or Nicad
  • charge your batteries at the last possible moment
  • don’t leave your camera turned on unnecessarily
  • maximise  power and screen saving, using your camera settings
  • standardise on a single battery type so you can swap batteries between your torch, GPS and camera

Some are less obvious

  • use your viewfinder instead of the LCD the screen
  • turn you screen brightness down to a minimum, if you have no viewfinder
  • don’t review or delete the photos you have taken
  • minimize the use of flash
  • take less video: plan what you are going to take
  • zoom you camera less and don’t have it set on continuous focus
  • have the subject prepared and the camera set on the tripod before turning on your camera
  • keep your batteries warm: some would say this is unnecessary
  • update all the settings on your camera such as date/time before you leave home
  • don’t take more photos than you need
  • if you have a GPS in your camera, decide if you need it turned on

Some technology has only recently become available


The idea for this post came from Tips when taking your video camera on a bushwalk; Jay Fraser Posted on 2006-04-05 and has been expanded based on my personal experience of extended walks and digital cameras.

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