Great Ocean Walk, Victoria | Realignment of Route | Moonlight Head to the Gables

Parks Victoria has realigned the Great Ocean Walk in the Otway Ranges between Moonlight Head and the Gables so that you no longer have to walk on the road, but can stop within the Park.

Last year when I walked the Great Ocean Walk in the Otway Ranges, Victoria, I found it to be one of the least appealing, and so gave it a miss, so I am pleased to hear of this significant improvement.

According to Frank and Katrina from BimbiPark, the track is graded for easy walking and weaves through woodlands providing shade on warmer days.

“If you’ve done the walk using our notes and have any comments please email me.
If you haven’t done the walk, get off the couch organise some friends and go for it…You’ll love it. Please call or email me if you need any assistance in organising your walk.”

For more information visit their BimbiPark website and download the GOW track notes and amendments or visit their Great Ocean Walk  website.

Parks Victoria have GOW track conditions, alerts and fire messages on their website along with links to accommodation, wildlife, planning your hike and an interactive map, which as yet does not show the realignment.

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