iPhone App Review | Museum Victoria’s Field Guide to Victorian Fauna

This high quality app holds descriptions of over 700 species including Birds, Butterflies, Fishes, Freshwater Invertebrates, Frogs, Insects, Lizards, Mammals, Marine Invertebrates, Snakes, Spiders, Terrestrial Invertebrates found in Victoria, Australia

This is a free iPhone and iPad app developed by  Museum Victoria and displays 700 species which can be viewed by group, alphabetically or searched for individually.

Museum Victoria

Clicking on a species brings up several photos and

  • details: distinctive markings, identifying characteristics, biology, diet, habitat, native status, taxonomy
iTunes Store
  • distribution: includes colour coded map along with word description
  • scarcity: listed individually for Victoria, Australia and Worldwide
iTunes Store
  • audio: use multiple sound tracks

The data provided is of a high standard and would be very useful for a bushwalker wishing to identify common species in Victoria, many of which will be found in other states of Australia. One of the best features of course is the audio as often an animal may not be visible but its call can be heard.

The free iPhone app can be downloaded from iTunes

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