iPhone App Review | Rainspotting for Bushwalkers

Ever wanted to know whether you should take a rain jacket on your training run? Should I have an early lunch at the hut we have just reached before the rain hits? Should I put on my rain jacket or do I have time to climb that hill before it rains? Do I need to cool my nuclear reactor artificially or can I wait for the rain? When should I put up or take down my tent?

From iTunes Store

This is a fun application to use and I use it almost daily. Rainspotting will tell you whether rain is approaching, its direction, how fast it is approaching, when the rain should reach your location, how long it will last and its intensity.

From iTunes Store

It does this by interpreting the local weather radar and doing a few calculations.

From iTunes Store

Coverage for most of the Australian population, including capital cities in all states and most of the regional centres, is free but for other locations there is a fee to pay. The app requires an internet connection and uses the iPhone’s location services to send the appropriate data.

Settings include changing the distance from your locations, the units for approaching rain speed and use of colours in the meteorological services profile chart.

Read more about Rainspotting from the iTunes Store.

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