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My apologies.

I recently made the decision to import the content of my Blogger (BushwalkingSkills) posts (130+ from as far back as 2009) to WordPress (Oz Outdoor Adventures), so I don’t have to maintain multiple domains.

These carefully researched posts cover basic to advanced bushwalking skills, navigation, technology, fitness, leadership, safety and some beautiful destinations.

Surprisingly, there have been hundreds of thousands of pageviews, and the site is still viewed by many students and bush walkers/hikers/trekkers every day. For this reason I decided that much of the content must still relevant, and couldn’t bring myself to delete years of research entirely.

Unfortunately,  I have not yet had time to convert the external links to my Blogger posts to internal WordPress links and delete the non-linked graphics. I ask for your tolerance in the hope you gain something worthwhile.

Perhaps an eBook would be a worthwhile replacement in the future? What do you think?