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Voluntary Recall Optimus Nova and Nova + Multifuel Expedition Stoves in Australia

The voluntary recall of Optimus Nova and Nova + stoves in September 2010 in USA and Canada, has been confirmed by Katadyn (Switzerland) as applying to Australia too, and is due to fuel lines or O-rings leaking.

This recall involves Optimus Nova and Nova+ Multifuel Expedition Stoves and equipment sold in Australia which were made in China and sold between January 2009 – September 2010, including the stove’s fuel pump and spare parts/repair kits. The stoves are black metal, measure about 6 inches in diameter and 3 1/2 inches high and can be used with multiple types of fuel. Stove serial numbers QA000011 through QA007313 are included in this recall. The serial number and “Optimus” are printed on the side of the camping stove. The QA-number of the stove is located on the side of the black burner housing. All Nova and Nova+ stoves with silver burner housing have no QA-number and are not affected. Pumps and spare parts kits also were sold separately. Pumps have a green open/close valve. Spare parts kits model numbers include 80163051, 8520, 80176321 and 8511 and are printed on the packaging.

If you have an affected stove, please file your claim under www.optimusstoves.com/en/service/nova-recall.

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